Tree & plant health Maximacer

We will also fertilized and feed all the plants every 45 to 60 days. Plant and tree growth cycles are regulated by environmental signals. We will add a special formula that includes a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and amino acids to stimulate the growth signals within the plant a special blend of chemicals that contains furst liquid technologies. One of the many benefits include new root hair growth. This provides the

nutrients needed to increase fertilizer and moisture intake. It also provides stronger cell development throughout the trunks, branches and stems which allows water and nutrients

to pass more efficiently to the leaves. Within the foliage, these stronger cells help maximize photosynthesis and optimize the evapotranspiration rate.We also add the three most important micro-nutrients required by nearly every tree and plant. Iron, Manganese and Zinc because they are typically deficient in most warm weather soils. In addition, thiamine mononitrate (Vitamine B-1) is included for it’s beneficial effects on new plantings. Using Furst liquid will enhance the plants ability to ward off diseases, possible infestations and infections from outside sources. And it helps plants prevent and recover from the stresses caused by extreme heat, frost, freeze, transplanting and other events.