Lawn  &  Landscape Care 

 Our full-service lawn and landscape care provides your property with professional quality landscaping year-round. Whether in the heat of the Arizona summer or the mild desert winter, your lawn will look lush and green and your plants will be neatly

trimmed. A regular fertilization program is necessary to keep lawns growing well. Because desert lawns require so much water, nutrients are quickly leached from the soil. We will applying fertilizer every six weeks during the growing season are

recommended. Sometimes chlorosis (yellow color) will appear, it probability has caliche (calcium bicarbonate) underbase or the soil is too alkaline. We will add iron to those areas in the form of iron chelates to take care of the problem. When it comes to lawn irrigation, We will never allow the soil to dry out completely if you

want a healthy looking turf. Of course, watering during cool weather requires a different set of guidelines. An actively growing winter lawn requires deeps watering once or twice a week, depending on the weather and rainfall. Again our experience

observations will determine the proper irrigation schedule.


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Rick Mejia was raised in Arizona all of his life, making him very familiar with the landscapes here. Having 5 years of experience in lawn maintenance and irrigation repair, helps him maintain every customer's property to the upmost best of his abilities. Rick constantly provides great communication with each and every customer, allowing to build a trustful and personable relationship. With his positive attitude and knowledge of the landscaping business, Rick is the guy you want on your lawn team!

Rick Mejia, Maintenance Department Supervisor