Proper landscape maintenance is important to:

  • Sustain the quality and health of your landscaped area
  • Preserve the intended design concept and enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space Our landscape maintenance services include:
    • Trimming all plants and trees
    • Cutting grass
    • Spraying and removing weeds
    • Applying fertilizer to grass and plants if applicable
    • Completing a thorough irrigation inspection
    • Adjusting sprinklers as needed
    • Inspecting the condition of plants and grass
    • Blowing your property and removing debris Trust our team at Botanist of The Valley to provide comprehensive landscape maintenance services to keep your outdoor living space looking its best year-round.
  • Apply fertilizer to grass
  • Cut grass
  • Sprinkler adjustment

Providing the best soil and nutrition for the trees and plants to prevail in this Arizona heat.